First Date Tips and Tricks

Going out with a girl can be one of the most grown-up things a teen boy does in his life. You should really be at least 15 years old when you go on your first date. You may have plenty of doubts and questions bothering you like where to go on a first date, what to wear and the way to act. While on your first date, you can dress your age, but try to keep your dressing clean and tidy and wear clothes that are cosy and trendy as well.

Ask a girl out if you believe that you can have some fun with her. You must feel comfortable with the girl you are asking out, though it isn’t absolutely necessary that there should be something romantic associated with the date. It can just be a genial date with no strings attached. If you’re very infatuated with the individual, you’ll be able to find out whether the girl is also keen on you. Try to date somebody nearer to your age when going on your first date.

It would be a brilliant idea to present a frank and sincere self without putting on any pretences or trying to be somebody else. Try not to show off and never come on too strong with the girl on your first date. Teen dates are something more transient than mature or adult relationships, so you can be relaxed and carefree without worrying too much about the relationship. You can try out a first kiss on your first date, but don’t worry about whether or not it is ungainly or not – it is in all likelihood going to be awkward anyway. Since you are only in your teens, you may feel uncomfortable with a girl in the beginning and start wonder about her feelings.

Always offer to pay for the snacks or any other movie tickets and so on. Your date will love and respect you for it. But if she swears, you can go Dutch with her paying up for a 1/2 the spending, but this should be done only after you’ve initially offered to pay for the whole outing. Be kind and conscientious to your girlfriend and do not just treat her like a sex object.

Attempt to listen to her and give her respect. Try and be chivalrous, which is very rare these days. You can open doors, carry books for her, present her with flowers and be deferential to her parents while you greet them. Your first date is very important to you, so keep this advice in mind, so that you will have the best first date ever.


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