Why Do Women Cheat on Men?

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Many blokes end up in this position wondering what happened with the relationship and why their wives or girlfriends suddenly started cheating on them. You can wonder for a considerable time and yet not hit upon the proper reason for her cheating.

It can be argued that the fact that she cheated had nothing to do with you at all and everything to do with her own shortcomings.. Maybe, it had something to do with how you behaved, which she did not like and she ended up cheating on you. There may be thousands of reasons why she cheated on you. First question worth asking yourself is – was it a traditional romantic tryst or a friends with benefits relationship? If it was a casual thing, then you want to go on. There’s nothing you can do about it and moping around will not help. exactly what you were getting into when you signed up. If it had been a romantic thing, then please continue reading.

It’s possible the relationship was getting mundane and one-dimensional. Women like a bit of excitement in the relationship. After one or two months, some relationships get stale with partners having nothing new to say to each other. You might have been very good to her, but if a lady is bored, she is likely to look around for something more fascinating to fill her evenings and her life. Therefore she could have cheated on you as a transient diversion and she could come back to you after this short fling.

On the other hand, it is possible that she is fed up of the current situation and wants to have a complete break and change of relationship. You might have had several fights or difference of opinion. As time passed, she could have stopped liking you and discovered that you both did not have much common ground. This could have her looking out for somebody else. Maybe, she didn’t want to hurt you and started anonymously cheating on you on the side.

It could also be that she was not pleased with what you were willing to give in the relationship. She could have found a more attractive partner, whom she felt really attracted to. It is really tough to go into anyone’s mind, and even more difficult to read a woman’s mind. A man can never really know know what a girl wants. You might be thinking that she is very happy in your company, but all the time she could have remained sad and unsatisfied with the relationship and was just waiting for a chance to break it off.

Some women are not fair enough or bold enough to call off a relationship, which they find uninteresting. This is why they look for other relationships on the side. It is all a matter of being truthful about how you feel about your better half. There are certain females who can never be constant to any person. That is the way in which they are and you have to accept it.


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