How can creating a wedding speech for the bride’s father?

It’s finally here, your daughter’s wedding day has come and as her father it’s time for you to give the traditional father of the bride speech.

It could be actually quite difficult to see your daughter go and you will probably wish to make a speech which is remarkable and emotional in order to make her wedding day all a genuinely memorable affair.

This is a great chance to voice your innermost thoughts regarding how you think about your daughter leaving and also your anticipations for a long happy married life for the couple.

Begin your father of the bride speech with a brief congratulation to the wedding couple, now would be also a great time to share a neat joke to make the listeners engaged in your speech.

Now that you have congratulated the newlyweds, you would want to focus on your daughter again, probably sharing an interesting memory of her her younger years or maybe a much-loved reminiscence that you had along with her. Probably you and also your little girl used to have a once-a-week practice of enjoying soft ice cream soon after her swimming training, or maybe the two of you had happy recollections of accompanying her while she used to walk back from school almost daily, this might be the best chance for you to relate those lovely experiences with the guests.

Never be hesitant to convey your emotions regarding your daughter departing and getting to a new phase of her life, you may not need most of your speech to become about being sentimental to see your daughter go but it is essential that you take it up in order to suggest her and everybody else exactly how meaningful she was to you.

In closing be sure to again thank everyone in attendance again and most importantly your daughter and her husband to be.

The key to writing a good father of the bride speech is to make sure that it comes form your heart, it doesn’t need to be this long rambling speech, as long as you feel that you have adequately expressed your emotions to your daughter it is fine.


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