What is indifference?

In case you didn’t know, at the other end of love lies indifference.

Our topic gnorimies today is going to be indifference. Why is indifference important to being successful with women?

When you look at the world, you will see how men gnorimies are usually very needy toward women. They live in order to prove themselves to women. They work hard to make money so that they could support women. Women don’t respect this type of man. He is boring and predictable. It’s like if a rich person would choose to buy a cheap copy of some nice shoes instead of the original. It doesn’t make sense. Women are the ‘rich person’ in this sense. They do have what it takes to have the original shoes.

Well, I will show you how you can achieve this indifference. If you do this right, you will be the desire of women.

What is the secret of these gnorimies indifferent guys? Well, their secret is actually very simple. First of all, they are confident. They are more confident than your average guy. They don’t care if they will seduce a particular woman. This is what helps them stand out from the crowd. They don’t go and chase women. They leave that to the average loser. That is how they operate. They don’t act arrogant toward people or gnorimies anything like that. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about them. They are usually nice people. They have only figured out that they don’t need to act like women are their biggest prize. In fact, they act that they are that same prize to women. That is why women want them so much. They are very rare. Men like this are easily spotted by gnorimies women. Women want them, guys are usually jealous of them. If you meet a man like this, make friends with women. You can learn a lot from him.


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