Women And Relationships

Many guys wonder how is sex gnorimies and relationships truly connected. I always had the wrong notion about relationships and sex. The media doesn’t tell you the truth about this.

Let me warn you gnorimies about something. Most men get into relationships because of wrong reasons. They meet a woman. The man usually starts liking her more than she likes him. I am not saying that this is a strict rule, it is just how it happens in our society mostly. The guys usually thinks that being in a relationship with her is the fastest way toward sex.

Men usually won’t admit what they really want. All too many times, women will meet a guy that they like only a little, but will enter a relationship with him. Why? Because at that time, gnorimies they may be either depressed, they are simply needy because every other girl has a boyfriend, etc. Women aren’t too honest in this department either.

The man starts doing all the wrong things in the relationship. Before he even has sex with her, he starts acting like they are in a long term relationship. The more he does this, the less are the chances of sex happening. Don’t ask me why. The reason doesn’t matter. It is how women function.

On the other hand, if you have sex with gnorimies her in the beginning when the sexual attraction is truly thriving, you will have a much more healthy relationship with her, whether it is long term or just physical. You will have more to say in this. Plus, women respect these men much more. It’s honesty. You did what you wanted when you wanted. She is definitely going to respect that and you are going to have a better relationship than most people do. It will be more natural and less artificial/forced.


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