What A Russian Wife Expects From Her Mate?

A magazine survey revealed gnorimies what a Russian wife expects from her mate. The article listed twenty-five traits that women either liked in their partner or gnorimies disliked. Listed below are just a few of the answers given in the survey results.

Women expressed that they like to dress well and preferred their men to do the same. Men who took time to present well were appreciated for their efforts. Men with a shaven face, a neat haircut, and nicely dressed were rated highly.

The participants are looking for a man who has a complete life. One who has and enjoys friends, likes his career, and gnorimies takes care of his physical appearance. These women want a man who is productive, not idle, and they want someone who shows an enthusiasm about life.

No one likes to be lied to. Women in this survey are no different. The people who responded stated that being lied to would mean the man had no respect for the woman. A popular lie that seems to occur on an early date is that many men embellish what they do for a living. While this may seem trivial at the moment, it leads the gnorimies woman to form a wrong opinion of the man. Lies about status seemed to be the most unforgivable in this sample.

Women in this survey expressed the lack of respect from men as a particularly unsavory characteristic in a partner. Being treated as a sex object instead of person of worth was irritating to many women. Disrespect was also explained as being lied to, being cheated on, and being spoken about in a derogatory way when a woman was not present.

The survey shows that Russian women have a strong possessiveness about their partners. The response to questions about being loyal in the relationship showed little mercy for men who cheated. Regardless of if, the man cheated sexually or emotionally, this action was seen as a relationship ender.

Arrogance and self-centeredness were two attributes that were seen as negative. It is curious that being gnorimies either one or both were not really the issue. It was the outward expression of these characteristics, which is understandable. Arrogance with a bit of self-centeredness in the right combination may be needed to get a good position in a company. These traits may exhibit confidence when used appropriately, but can be plain irritating if displayed in abundance.

Men need to slow down when it comes to talking about sex. The women in this survey said men start talking about sex way too early in the dating stage and they did not appreciate the men’s forwardness. It was expressed that women need time to feel comfortable in a new relationship before getting as personal as talking about sex. Overt sexual talk or behavior was described as perverse and creepy.

The survey gives a glimpse into what a Russian wife likes in her mate before and after marriage. Overall, women stated they wanted to be treated with respect and not to be gnorimies treated as a sexual object. This is a common request from women from many different countries. Men may want to provide women the courtesy of granting this request.


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