The Body Language To Pick Up Women

Body language is something you really need to master if you want to be successful with women.

Why is body language so important? Body languages is one of the biggest indicators of your confidence when she meets you. Body language will show you what kind of man you are in a matter of seconds. Most men have not mastered body language at all.

Let’s start with how you walk and how you move. Most men walk too fast and they don’t look masculine when walking. You need to slow down your walk and you need to walk confidently. That means that your back has to be straight and you should never slouch. Practice walking like a soldier, although a bit more relaxed than that. Walk good and feel good.

Here is something even more important, nervousness and fidgeting. For most of my life, I was to guy who moved too quickly and too hyperactive. You NEED to slow down all of your moves. Watch how James Bond does it. He does it a little slower than everyone else. Stop scratching your self and eliminate all nervous ticks. When you talk with a woman, your hands and shoulders should be relaxed totally.

Now we come to voice tone. What kind of voice tone do you need? You need to speak louder. People aren’t afraid of people who are loud, people are afraid of those who are quiet. You need to take a breath every time you speak. You need to slow down your speech. Make pauses and create anticipation. Guys who are successful with women are heard when speaking. Guys who aren’t keep getting ignored by people a lot. Even if you start speaking too loud at first, it’s okay. Better that than quiet. With time, you will balance it. Think of powerful men. They usually have powerful voices. Be that man.


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