Signs To Look Out For If Your Lover Is Cheating

Find yourself wondering whether or not your lover is cheating? There are some signs to watch out for that indicates that you have a cheating lover. These signs will aid you in finding the answer to that burning question that’s driving you nuts – is your lover cheating?

1)    Has your lover suddenly become evasive about where he or she is going or has been? If your lover suddenly starts giving you the runaround about what’s going on when the two of you aren’t together, it’s very possible that your lover is attempting to hide something important from you.

2)    Your lover going on defensive mode for no apparent reason can be an indication that not all is well in the state of your relationship. If you’re just asking a simple question and your lover suddenly starts acting like you’re accusing him of her of something, it may be a sign of guilty conscience. Guilt is a very powerful emotion that will weigh heavily on your lover if he or she really loves you and is cheating.

3)    Does your lover come up with off the wall and impossible to believe excuses for why he or she is late coming home? Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction but when stories of alien abductions, men in black, and other fantastical tales and events come rolling off the tongue of your lover there may be a bigger story you’re not getting the skinny on.

4)    Has your lover started accusing you of cheating without a substantial reason to do so? There are two reasons why many people accuse their partners of cheating. First, it usually throws the innocent partner on the defensive rather than the offensive where you would be looking for hints and information on what’s really going on. Second, it gives the cheating partner a reason for his or her own infidelity.

5)    Use your senses to tell if your lover is cheating. It’s amazing the things you can find out if you just open your mind and accept what your senses can tell you. Use your eyes to see if there are indications of a third party like changes on clothing, smears of lipstick, scratches and other signs of recent lovemaking that you’re not involved with. Use your ears to listen to signs of another love interest on phone conversations. Use your nose to find traces of perfume or cologne or even unfamiliar soap in your partner.


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