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Are you ready to encourage him to make the jump from dating to a serious commitment? Are you wondering how to accomplish this? In the past, have you turned to friends and family for relationship advice, only to find that their suggestions were not helpful? Have you reached your wit’s end? Do not be alarmed or get in a tizzy. Even if you have tried everything in the past with no success, you will be happy to learn that you can employ a five step program, which is designed to get your boyfriend to make a commitment.

You need to devote some of your attention to your own needs, especially if you have been spending all of your time concentrating on your guy. This will help you in two ways: it will give you back your sense of independence and it will empower you in your relationship.

Getting a guy to make a commitment when he is confident in your willingness to make any sacrifice for him, may not be easy. A man will take full advantage of this situation, just because that’s the way men behave. Start asserting yourself with a little «It’s my way or the highway» attitude.

Often, when a woman has had enough of a man’s indifference, she’ll follow the steps above and then slip back into her old «doormat» habits as soon as things get a little better. The secret to this plan is to follow through with the assertive behavior. If staying with friends and watching TV seems to be his priority after he has got what he wants from you, then you must stop giving him what he wants.

This goes against everything the dating advice gurus will tell you, but there comes a time when enough is enough. If you have had a faithful, intimate relationship for some time and he’s still sitting on the fence, just let him know it’s time for him to decide. If you have to, tell him you need time to think things over and go stay with your parents or friends for awhile.

If you want to get him to do what you want, these five tactics are the best way to achieve that. If they sound selfish, then so be it. A strong bond with your partner will emerge when both parties are satisfied and happy. If this advice hits home, read on to learn more. We can provide other advice for love and relationships, which will be the perfect complement to go along with the new commitment in your relationship!



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